Time To Get The Right Light

sunlit path going through autumn forest
Sunlit Path

Every brilliant photographer on YouTube tells you to only take pictures in the right light. That might very well be true, but if you are like me, your bed is always most comfortable in the morning, and that is the time of day with the best light. Luckily in Denmark we have changing seasons, and that makes it possible for a lazy guy like me to get out late mornings and early evenings –  and the light is still brilliant 🙂

Winter time means sunrise at around 8 o’clock and Sunset around 5 in the afternoon.


Summer is normally a perfect time to engage in serious photography.
There is, however, always a small break in the fun; my Summer Holiday.
I always bring my gear with me when I go on holiday – but I also have my family with me on the trips. So even though my “trigger finger” itches, I know that it is only holiday for us, if all the family is enjoying the time.
So I keep my shooting to a minimum, and primarily stick with snapshots of the family and the places we visit. This doesn’t spoil my fun of photography, as I am getting great pictures to remember my holidays.

Btw. This years holiday was spent in Northern Italy 🙂

Lago di Garda in Northern Italy
My wife Jacqueline enjoying the view over Lago di Garda in Northern Italy

When there is no Wildlife

Uldum Bog at Sunset
Uldum Bog

I often hear the comment: “Didn’t you get any photos of the wildlife? Why were you gone so long?”

I don’t have to get great shots of wildlife every time I go out. I just enjoy the outdoors and all the beautiful scenery. Thursday 6th July I went out to the local bog to catch a glimpse of the Bluethroat, but it was nowhere to be seen. I don’t, however, feel that I have wasted my time. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet in the evening, and I also got to see the beautiful sunset. My only regret was leaving my tripod in the car!

Industrial Wildlife

I know it is an odd title for a blog post about nature and wildlife. However it is often the case, that animals and birds move in to areas with lots of industry.

Industrial areas are often only busy during normal working hours, and the rest of the time they are quiet areas with both food and shelter for wildlife.

It is normally a lot easier to get close to wildlife in an industrial area. The birds and animals are used to human activity. A car is especially good “camouflage” if you are trying to get closer to the wildlife. Just don’t open any doors or get out of the vehicle to get the photo.

buzzard perched on a lamp post

The above photo is taken in the local industrial area. The buzzards use lamp posts as viewing points for rodents, road kills etc. The shot is taken from my car with a 400mm lens on 1,6x camera body.

Bird Call

Another day of bad weather!

All Easter has been one long grey and wet sky. I have, however, heard the calling of the Green Woodpecker in the local forest. So I thought; I am going to cheat and use technology to get my bird. I downloaded the bird call for Green Woodpecker from www.fuglestemmer.dk and went “hunting” with phone and portable loudspeaker. The loudspeaker had quite a long conversation with the Woodpecker before it finally turned up, and the grey wet day turned out allright in the end.

Green Woodpecker climbing a tree trunk
Green Woodpecker



15 Minutes

Like most people I like nature. I love to go for a walk in the woods or along the beach. Sometimes you get lucky; an animal or bird crosses your path, and you get a good photo. However, it is very seldom you get really get good shots, when you are on the move.

Stay still!!!

The birds and animals have certainly seen you coming, and they surely heard you!

So settle down, get comfortable, stop moving about, stay quiet and wait. It usually takes no longer than 15 minutes before the birds and animals start to appear.

a wren with its beak full of moss for its nest
Nest Building Wren

Facebook To Find Birds

Just spent the afternoon in a forest not far from my home. The reason for going there came from Facebook: A very friendly woman had posted a picture of a Green Woodpecker. My brother wrote a message to her, and she gave us perfect directions. I didn’t have any photos of that kind of Woodpecker, so my brother and I jumped in the car, and off we went. I brought a mp3 file of the Woodpeckers calling on my phone and connected it up to a small bluetooth loudspeaker. After pressing play a couple of times, we heard the Woodpecker calling back to us – and I got my first photo of a Green Woodpecker!

Green Woodpecker perched high up in a tree
Green Woodpecker

Long-Eared Owl

Sunday the 19th February 2017 I got my first sighting of a Long-Eared Owl, whilst visiting a lake called Egaa Engsoe with my brother. We had read about other people who had seen the owl there and were lucky to spot the owl in a thorny bush. Thorns or not we crawled on our hands and feet to get to a position where a shot was possible. Not a bad Sunday at all!

Long-eared Owl
Long-eared Owl – Blog post